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It is your sole responsibility at the time of purchasing a ticket that you ensure you are able to attend any event purchased.


 Dr. Mary Barrett WILL NOT offer a refund if you are unable to attend.


Any and all deposit payments as well as payments made in full are NON-REFUNDABLE.


If you have received a ticket(s) purchased by another guest as a gift, etc. previously purchased by another guest you are also governed to these terms and conditions as set forth in this document.


If you feel that you may have  a problem with your booking with  Dr. Mary Barrett,  please contact us immediately at (731)420-3646 or


By purchasing tickets from  Dr. Mary Barrett from  you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, set forth below, once a deposit or full payment has been received.


You are also agreeing to accept the terms of the Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement.


No persons under the age of 18 are permitted to attend any of Dr. Mary Barrett's events  unless prior permission has been obtained fr Dr. Mary Barrett.  All requests must be made in writing at least 4 weeks prior to the event.


 Dr. Mary Barrett operates on a zero-tolerance policy; no alcohol or drugs are permitted in any of the events.  If anyone appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or is suspected of bringing either drugs or alcohol to the event; they will be asked to leave immediately and will not be refunded for any part of monies paid for the event.


 Dr. Mary Barrett will use her own discretion and have the final decision to evict anyone whom we consider to be behaving in an inappropriate manner.  We absolutely will not tolerate loud outbursts, rude and inconsiderate comments (skeptic or believer), obnoxious behavior, provoking, conjuring or any other type of behavior we consider inappropriate.  You will immediately be asked to leave and will not receive a refund of monies paid.


 Dr. Mary Barrett accepts no responsibility for any  damage to vehicles, parking fines, towing of vehicles, etc.  Any and all personal property and effects are your sole responsibility.   Dr. Mary Barrett urges you to protect your property and keep all said articles safe while attending an event.


In the event of severe adverse weather conditions  Dr. Mary Barrett reserves the right to cancel an event.  She will provide as much notice to the guests prior to traveling to the location.  However, if the weather is such that any member of  Dr. Mary Barrett is unable to travel to the location then we will deem the location inaccessible and therefore the event will be cancelled and rescheduled to a later date as the location deems available.


If at any time, any or all parts of Dr. Mary Barrett events are held outdoors which will be affected by the weather conditions, you will be responsible for bringing and wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for the conditions.


Due to the strict laws of the locations any and all smoking is not permitted indoors.  There will be a designated area in which you will be able to take breaks to smoke, vape, etc.  Dr. Mary Barrett  will not allow any open flames at an event, including but not limited to candles, ritual items, incense, etc.


Flash cameras ARE permitted as long as permitted by the location. You will be made aware of any restrictions on the night of the event.  Any and all restrictions are to be adhered to at all times or you will be asked to leave the event.


 Dr. Mary Barrett wants to remind all guests that you are attending the event at your own risk.  Dr. Mary Barrett accepts no liability or responsibility for any accidents, injuries, or incidents to any guests no matter how it may have occurred.  Dr. Mary Barrett puts forth her best efforts to foresee any and all potential problems, hazards and dangers in order to eliminate them prior to all events.


 Dr. Mary Barrett will do her very best to ensure that all time spent at the location reflects the designated times.  In the event that due to unforeseen circumstances (medical emergency, etc.) this is not able to be achieved  Dr. Mary Barrett,  reserves the right to end an event early.  If this is the case, then Dr. Mary Barrett will not offer a refund.


 Dr. Mary Barrett expects every guest to behave accordingly and act in a responsible manner as well as respect the needs of the other guests.  No guest will cause harm or injury to anyone else or put themselves nor anyone else in danger.  You are expected to respect the nature of the event and will behave accordingly.  If the above is not adhered to you will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued.


These terms and conditions are non-negotiable.  By booking an event with Dr. Mary Barrett,  you acknowledge and hereby accept the foregoing rules and regulations.   


 Dr. Mary Barrett may film and record the events and group readings. Any and all footage may or may not be used in promotional videos, full length videos, etc. on social media platforms and/or other future outlets which will include but are not limited to YouTube, Instagram, etc.  By purchasing your ticket to any of Dr. Mary Barrett events, you agree to allowing the use of your image for promotional and profitable gain on the part of  Dr. Mary Barrett.


During the events and at various times, Dr. Mary Barrett may or may not decide to do live streams on FaceBook, YouTube, etc. by purchasing a ticket for any event you are giving your permission to be filmed and image used.




 Dr. Mary Barrett strives NOT to cancel any event, but it is hereby stated that she is allowed to cancel an event at any time for any reason at her discretion.  She also has the right to cancel an event if not enough participants have booked to make the event financially viable to operate.


 Dr. Mary Barrett, has to cancel she will inform you as soon as reasonably possible via email and/or telephone as per the information provided at the time of the booking. If any guest does not receive the notice of cancellation for a reason of their own (not checking email, providing faulty information, not checking voicemail, etc), Dr. Mary Barrett will not resume responsibility.



 If Dr. Mary Barrett has to cancel an event for any reason, she will move your booking to another  Dr. Mary Barrett event of your choice (of comparable price).  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  She has no other liability to you.




It is your responsibility when you book a Dr. Mary Barrett event that you ensure that you are able to make that event.


 Dr. Mary Barrett will NOT issue a refund if you are unable to attend.


The locations Raven Paranormal Events & Dr. Mary Barrett, LLC obtains requires us to pay for the events in advance, so we are liable for all costs.


All deposit payments and full payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.


If you have purchased a ticket and are unable to attend due to an emergency, unforeseeable circumstance, etc.  Dr. Mary Barrett will allow you to transfer that ticket to a third party.  You MUST provide  Dr. Mary Barrett,  the person’s name, address, telephone number and email address to prior to the event.  THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY in the event the event is cancelled or rescheduled we must be able to contact that person as well as confirm the person attending. 


The person that is receiving YOUR ticket will also be governed to the terms and conditions as set forth in this document.




Our mission at Dr. Mary Barrett is for everyone to have fun and enjoy the event.  We also want you to always feel safe.  One disruptive individual can have an adverse effect on every person at an event. 


No behavior will be tolerated that has a detrimental impact on the event or any of the guests in attendance.  Any inappropriate or dangerous behavior will be dealt with in any manner deemed necessary (removal, police, etc).  The person or persons concerned will be automatically removed from the event regardless of transportation issues, inclement weather, etc.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN!!


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