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Dr. Mary Barrett

Spiritual Reader

(Psychic Medium)

Spiritual Consultant

Paranormal Investigator

Ordained Minister

Dr. of Divinity

                                                                   Special Abilities


Aura Reading • Clairvoyance or Second Sight • Clairsentience • Clairaudience • Clairalience • Claircognizance • Clairgustance • Death-warning Empath • Energy Medicine Mediumship or Channeling • Precognition - Premonition and Precognitive Dreams • Psychometry or Psychoscopy Remote Viewing • Retro-cognition or Post-cognition • Perception - Scrying • Telepathy

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     Something to think about:


Some, many, etc believe that if you talk to a Psychic or a Psychic Medium, God will punish you. I am not going to answer that with a he will or he wont. I want you to think of this. The same people say, the Devil is giving you the information and the Psychic/Medium will go to hell. Ok here we go..


First off, if you are a Christian, believe, trust and love God and Jesus, the Devil can not touch you.


Second of all, If you are a Christian and a child of God, you are with God.


Third, Why do people think being a Psychic/Medium is bad and not from God. Do they not realize that God is a caring being and wants you happy. So when talking to a Psychic/ Medium, you are getting the answers you seek to have peace.


ALSO, the loved one that has passed over is at peace because you got you r answers and you are now at peace.


  Now would the Devil do that??

             Dr. Mary Barrett

                  Lexington, TN. 38345


                  phone (731)420-3646

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