Dr. Mary Barrett



   What Is Your Guardian Angel's Name?

Your guardian angel's name is Michael. Michael is the leader of the angels, dedicated to protecting and defending people who are good. You are a passionate individual who believes deeply in truth and justice. You are a constant crusader for human rights and will lay your life on the line for those you love



                           Universal Life Church

                          • Ordained Minister (22 June 2015)

                          • Dr. of Divinity (24 June 2015) 

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 Chikara-Reiki-Do Master

• Certified NLP

• Certified Master NLP

• Certified Holistic Marketer

• Certified Holistic Master Marketer  

• Certified Hypnotist

• Certified Master Hypnotist

• Certified Life Coach

• Certified Master Life Coach


Capella University 

PhD in General Human Services.... did not complete

Master's Certification in Addiction Counseling.... completed

Capella University

Master's in General Human Services.. completed

Master's in Mental Health... completed classwork changed to above

University of South Florida


Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Social Science.... completed


Hillsborough Community College


AA in Liberal Arts....completed 

Dr. Mary Barrett

Lexington, TN.


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