Dr. Mary Barrett

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   What Is Your Guardian Angel's Name?

Your guardian angel's name is Michael. Michael is the leader of the angels, dedicated to protecting and defending people who are good. You are a passionate individual who believes deeply in truth and justice. You are a constant crusader for human rights and will lay your life on the line for those you love

Dr. Mary Barrett lives in Huron, Tn with her husband, John. Also living near her is her one son, daughter in law, their 2 boys and one daughter, her daugher, son in law, and their three boys (Mary considers her daughter in law and son in law as her own kids), Mary  has had her abilities for all her life. It wasn't until she was in her 30's before she realized all the stuff that had happen and was happening was because she had abilities. Mary has written 5 books, she is a Psychic Medium, Master Hypnotist,  Reiki Master a well as being a wife, mom, grandmother and student. Mary is also a radio host on the Rift Radio called Evenings with Dr. Mary Barrett. Mary does private readings, past life regressions and attends functions. If you would like a reading or any of Mary services, or want her at your function, please contact her @ 731-420-3646. Thank you!