Compelling Interpretations

Only Dr. Mary Barrett from the Lexington, Tennessee area, gives you a glimpse of your future. Having been a skilled hypnotherapist for more than two decades, she offers accurate psychic readings through phone, email, Skype™, or in person.


She also offers personalized hypnosis sessions at events like:  ​


  • Private Gatherings            • Haunted Attractions

   • Company Parties               • Paracons

   • Weddings


                   Psychic Medium

As one of the most trusted psychic mediums in Jackson, Tennessee, Mary is here to give you a clear forecast of your life. In fact, her ability of reading your future has been something she has had since she was young.


Since 2012, with her experience of working with all kinds of people, she enjoys going around the United States to help give people a glimpse of their future, as well as talk to their dearly departed.


Bear in mind that what you'll hear is something you may not want or expect to hear the first time around but is also something you definitely need to hear.


It is always good to have a reading about a loved one that has passed. So many people here worry if their loved ones are ok. Well, you get the reading and believe it or not, it also helps our loved ones whom has passed.

Because if you are worried, they are worried until they get their message to you also.