Mary is no longer accepting paypal or square. She is accepting ZELLE. Go to your bank site, find ZELLE or download ZELLE app.
It is very simple and easy to send Mary money. Decide how many minutes you want, go to Zelle, put in Mary's phone number 731 420 3646 and name Mary Barrett. Its that easy!
Then call the above phone number to make an appointment for your reading or etc.. Thank you and sorry any inconvenience this may cause.

Dr. Mary Barrett's


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Mary has many wonderful services to offer you. What ever service you choose, you will be getting the best service possible, as Mary is dedicated to helping you to the best of her abilities.

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Psychic Medium Readings

Gift Certificates Available

Great for ALL occasions

For information and prices, please email Mary at

Does NOT include books

Need a Minister?

Call Mary


There is a difference between a Psychic and a Medium. A person can be one or the other, or both. Mary offers you confirmation before you even ask a question.


15 Minutes  $65.00 USD

30 Minutes  $125.00 USD

45 Minutes  $187.50 USD 

60 Minutes  $250.00 USD

90 Minutes  $375.00 USD

Email Reading $200.00 USD

Emergency Readings

Mary's Books

None of Mary's books are fiction. These are her experiences

and the experiences of people

close tp her, family, etc.


These books can be bought

on any line book store or

ordered from a

regular bookstore.

Like to have a Party?

Call Mary


There are times that we all have an emergency and need the advice.


Well, I am now offering an Emergency Reading. Readings that you need right now.. No appointment required

15 Minutes $130.00 USD

30 Minutes $250.00 USD

60 Minutes $500.00 USD


Mary is a Certified Master Hypnotist.


Many people are afraid of Hypnosis. All it is tuning all noises except the Hypnotist voice. And yes you can wake yourself up if you get too nervous or uncomfortable.


People use hypnosis for habits, to find out a situation in their past, fears and many others things, including, Past Life Regression. A Past Life Regression takes you out of this life time and back in time to find out who and what you were before you were you in this time. 

This is very popular. This is done face to face ONLY,


Mary also sell Mp3's for habits, fears, etc. Please do not try to hypnotize anyone unless you are certified. Specialized is personal with name.


For safety reasons, Hypnosis must be done in person, except the Mp3's. You provide the 

Jump Drive (Mp's 3 drive)

Mp3's, Habits, Fears, etc without Hypnosis           $45.00 USD

Mp3.s, Habits, Fears, etc with Hypnosis                $30.00 USD

Personalized Habits, Fears, etc without Hypnosis $50.00 USD

Personalized Habits, Fears, etc with hypnosis       $40.00 USD

GM Cover 2.jpg
cover 11.jpg
Certified Master
Life Coach

A certified person, helping a

client in all life problems.

No Psychic Medium Readings

are included in this. Mary is a 

Master Life Coach.

Chakra Clearing/Cleansing

Pin points, clears and cleanse problem area/areas, Can also be done over the phone, long distance included. $50.00 USD 

Consultation  $40.00 USD

30 Minutes    $115.00 USD 

60 Minutes    $240.00 USD

Please remember, Mary's time is as important as yours, so if you make an appointment, please keep it. Thanks for your understanding,