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Cursed Attic

The EMP pump uses a rare earth magnet that is spun by a motor to produce EM energy from the environment. Again the "theory" is that "spirits" can harness this produced energy to help communicate with us instead of using either our energy or our equipment’s energy or batteries. Think of the EM pump like a paranormal battery.

The SLS Camera works by using 3 sensors (RGB camera and a VGA camera along with an IR grid) to map the environment looking for skeletal joints on a person. The software uses an algorithm to look for patterns of movement. This was developed for use of movement during game play. The RGB camera is looking for depth. The colors on the Kinect software camera denotes different depths the camera sees, creating the environment that you see on the software. So, the "theory" is that if the Kinect is mapping something that you can’t see with you naked eye, this may be paranormal in nature. This can produce false positives so it’s always a good idea to try and validate by used of additional equipment or to get the "mapped spirit" to interact with you.


Holders clip on tripod. They can be used for battery backups and much more.

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Printing Plastic Skull
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