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I have always believed in God, Spirits, Heaven and Hell. When I was really young, I asked my mom if I could go to church and Sunday school. So I started and really liked it. I even joined BYF, which was Baptist Youth Foundation, I believe. It was for kids and activities. Then at 14, I got Baptized. This church was Northern Baptist. As I had kids, I did not go to church very often.


I did get my kids dedicated when they were born. My faith in God and Heaven never wavered. My mom even got re-baptized. All my kids were baptized. Later in life, I did not like going to church because a lot of the people in those churches did not do what they preached. My mom said you do not have to go to church to be in touch with God. She was right.

As I started my spiritual work, my faith became stronger. I realized, even though some people kept telling me that I was doing the Devils work, I was actually doing God's work. How do I know its God's work and not the Devil's, well I have always been on God's side not the Devils. So now I am doing God's work in a different way.  I do not push my faith on other people and I try to be open but I only do God's white light, not dark. 


I also believe God is using me to help people in different ways.  Every time, I try to get a "regular" job, for some reason other than my own, I lose it. I went to college and got into a PhD program and was almost finished when I had a family emergency and had to withdraw for a bit.


When I was ready to go back, I found out the college made a mistake and I had used all my loans. So back to my Spiritual work. I threw myself into my work and worked on all my certifications, all of them Master's. I then decided to become and ordained minister to be able to further help people. Then I received my Dr. of Divinity. These are honorary titles but are very legal. I can do anything that a minister who attended a Theological Seminary can do.
Even though I was unable to receive my PhD and have the title of Dr, I was still able to receive it thru this program. Dr. of Divinity equals a Bishop. I was really upset that I did not get to finish my PhD program. God works in mysterious ways. I did not get what I wanted in the way, I wanted, but he gave me what I wanted in the way he wanted me to have it. I can do everything a minister can do, I can marry people, baptize, conduct funerals, counsel people, etc.  

Universal Life Church 

   Ordained Minister (22 June 2015)

  Dr. of Divinity ((24 June 2015) 


Some, many, etc believe that if you talk to a Psychic or a Psychic Medium, God will punish you. I am not going to answer that with a he will or he wont. I want u to think of this. The same people say, the Devil is giving you the information and the Psychic/Medium will go to hell. Ok here we go..


First off, if you are a Christian, believe, trust and love God and Jesus, the Devil can not touch you.


Second of all, If you are a Christian and a child of God, you are with God.


Third, Why do people think being a Psychic/Medium is bad and not from God. Do they not realize that God is a caring being and wants you happy. So when talking to a Psychic/ Medium, you are getting the answers you seek to have peace.


ALSO, the loved one that has passed over is at peace because you got your answers and you are now at peace.


                                                      Now would the Devil do that??