Missing Persons



 Mary Barrett's involvement with a missing person case in Oklahoma


In March 2016, a client from Oklahoma called me because her granddaughter had gone missing.I described the area I felt the girl was at. Donna told the police and they told Donna to get me out there.  Here is Donna and the Private Investigators side of the story:

 March 2016

Mary Barrett is a wonderful and compassionate woman who did hypnosis on myself years ago and I learned so much about myself. Then my 16 year old granddaughter went missing and I called her as a friend to see if she could feel anything. She picked up some things.


Next thing i knew she was in Oklahoma from Tennessee, out in the woods helping me search for a body, but Mary never said she was dead. She said my granddaughter was in the area we were in.


  She became involved with our local police department and a private investigator giving them information and her own thoughts about the situation. Miss Mary and her sweet daughter Jennifer left on Friday and she was found the next morning within a half block radius of where Mary said she was. Mary is still working with the police, a private investigator and CPS on this case.


  My Granddaughter was put in my safe house for the weekend and asked for Mary to hypnotize her. Miss Mary and her daughter turned around the next day drove from Tennessee to Oklahoma again, she did the hypnosis and it was extremely helpful as to why she ran away.


  My granddaughter became very upset in parts and Mary could calm her down in seconds. It was amazing to watch and see this fine lady doing a job some people are skeptical of but by the time she left Oklahoma she had the entire police force and a private investigator believing everything. 


  So I can never ever repay you for coming not once but twice and for being the professional and also being my friend through it all. I love you Mary and I would recommend you to anyone who has a missing loved one and needs help....thank you so much,



Private Investigator... "She is safe in the custody of her grandmother thank you for being involved.  I feel you being here helped the investigation". Mary had this Private Investigator, Lenny on her radio show KCOR radio network, where they talked about this missing person investigation. Click here to go to the archive to hear what Lenny and Mary had to say


 To read more on this case, Mary was interviewed by the Jackson Sun. Brittney L Jackson,

USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee Published  12:52 p.m. CT Aug. 9, 2017 | Updated 5:02 p.m. CT Sept. 20, 2017.


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