Life Coach

Ever wonder what a life coach is? According to, a life coach is a person who advises clients on how to solve their problems and reach

their goals in life: A life coach can help you make the right decisions in your career.


Psychic/Medium readings will not be included during these sessions. They will have to be purchased separately. 



30 minutes for $50

60 minutes for $100


This is a great introductory to my services for people who are not sure what Life Coaching is. It allows us to get an idea of what problem areas so we can start

working on the situations in your life. Some people need more than 30 minutes

for I offer this extra special for those people who need the extra time.


Need a fast few answers but you do not have much time?

45 minutes for $120 will take care of your most pressing questions


60 minutes for $180

You can be accomplished a lot in this hour. You can  unload, problem-solving, if and how your emotions are

 stuck and more insight than you will believe.


90 minutes for $220:

Wow, with this session you can receive a lot of insight, problem-solving, and ridding yourself of stuck any

or all emotions.


Need a pre paid packages? These hours can and will be broken up, not used all at once.


6 Hours, originally $1080, special $850, savings $230

9 Hours, originally $1620, special $1320, savings $300

If  you need help with payment, please click here.