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Williamsport, PA  Oct. 2019

I did a little research about my own regression. The one where my name was muluk and the country I said "all I know is Maya" actually checks out. I was seeing a man with blue paint on his body, but it wasn't me. I was looking at him, come to find out during that time period is when the Maya expanded and settled in Yucatan.

It turns out that the priest of the Yucatec Mayans didn't go by their given names.   They went by their astrological names (which also determined their job and position).

The astrological name Muluk was common for priests. Priests were the ones who did the human sacrifices.


Those who were sacrificed were painted with blue paint. And in the current day the Yucatec Mayans are the only sect of Mayans that distinguished their sect (i.e. Yucatec). They refer to themselves only as Maya. So that all lines up perfectly what I was seeing and saying. 

Oh, and that time period was BC, not AD


As for the one where I said the year was 4,000 and my name was Niza. I researched that a little and I don't think it was Peru I was seeing. The Jennifer me was interpreting the flatlands

that I saw as the area where the Nazca lines were but I discovered that those civilizations didn't line up with the year 400 BC or AD.I discovered that the name Niza is from the continent of Africa and I remember very clearly seeing three zeros - 4,000. I even saw it before you asked me what the year was. 

Well, it turns out that in ancient Egyptian times there was a civilization that dwelled in the area that became the Sahara. In the time period of 4,000 BC the Sahara dried up into a flat desert and not long after that is when the people migrated away from there. The name Niza fits in that time period.

I also remember that I really couldn't understand much oh the vocabulary that you were using

during the regression. So now I'm convinced that that is where I was and that the year was 4000 BC!

I also think that I chose to see those older regressions because the whole reason I did it was to see how old I was, so to speak. I always felt like I was very old.

Jennifer K

Columbus, OHOct. 2019

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