Dr. Mary Barrett

Something to think about:



Some, many, etc believe that if you talk to a Psychic or a Psychic Medium, God will punish you. I am not going to answer that with a he will or he wont. I want you to think of this. The same people say, the Devil is giving you the information and the Psychic/Medium will go to hell. Ok here we go..


First off, if you are a Christian, believe, trust and love God and Jesus, the Devil can not touch you.


Second of all, If you are a Christian and a child of God, you are with God.



Third, Why do people think being a Psychic/Medium is bad and not from God. Do they not realize that God is a caring being and wants you happy. So when talking to a Psychic/ Medium, you are getting the answers you seek to have peace.


ALSO, the loved one that has passed over is at peace because you got your answers and you 

are now at peace.

Now would the Devil do that??