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I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer Lee Spangler VanBoskerck.  I am Dr. Mary Barrett’s Partner. 

Going forward, I will oversee many aspects of planning and managing events, appearances, books, readings, etc.  I will be the main contact for all questions and concerns regarding events, appearances, books, readings, etc.  Any questions or concerns can be emailed to me directly at

I look forward to working with you all!

My Story

My name is Jennifer VanBoskerck.  I am the Founder and Lead Investigator of Raven Paranormal.   I have been investigating the paranormal for many years.  I did not have any paranormal experiences growing up but that did not matter I believed, and it became my passion to find evidence to prove that the paranormal exists.  I was never scared of the unknown.  I embraced it.  It is Raven’s mission to investigate less known locations to help promote the location and preserve the history.  We also provide private home/business investigations upon special request. 

I am also the Host of Beyond the Raven - A podcast that explores all areas of the paranormal everything from spirits, demons, cryptids, UAPs, portals, etc. Beyond the Raven was created to expand our knowledge of the paranormal. It is about paranormal unity; learning from each other. Beyond the Raven interviews fellow investigators as well as "experts" in their fields in order to further our knowledge of the paranormal.

Throughout my journey I have met some amazing people in the field.  I believe in order to grow you much be open to venturing outside your comfort zone and allow yourself to learn from others.  I believe in paranormal unity.  Don’t be afraid to step outside the “group” and learn.  There is such much still to be learned no one can ever know everything.


I am also partners with Dr. Mary Barrett, Psychic Medium and Master Hypnotist. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Barrett and saw for myself what she is capable of.  She is an amazing Psychic Medium.  I am a little skeptical when it comes to psychics because as I told Dr. Barrett, “Psychic mediums are a dime a dozen”.  Seems like everywhere you go you run into someone claiming to be psychic.   Don’t get me wrong I definitely believe.  Just like in my paranormal investigating I consider myself a skeptical believer.  I must have the hard evidence.  For me you, must prove yourself, Dr. Barrett amazed me.  She has been so spot-on with her readings and her abilities it is almost scary.  So, when Dr. Barrett asked me to join her, I jumped at the opportunity to work with a “legitimate” psychic medium.

Since meeting Dr. Barrett, I formed Raven Paranormal Events.  I am excited to see where our new partnership takes us.  We have such amazing adventures ahead!!

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